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Vocabulary Builder
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  Vocabulary Builder features:

   Find the most common vocabulary in any language! Build and study vocabulary lists in minutes from any text. Vocabulary Builder allows you to extract words and patterns and then sort your results by frequency! This powerful tool works with virtually any language. Simply copy and paste text into the program and generate a list of vocabulary words ordered by how often the word appears in the text. This is a perfect solution for students, parents, and teachers alike! Comprehensive vocabulary lists of entire text based e-books can be created in just minutes. Since the vocabulary can be sorted either alphabetically or by frequency, the most common words may be learned first. This gives both young readers, and studiers of foreign languages huge advantages in learning the most useful vocabulary in a language. By studying the most frequently used vocabulary words, no time is wasted in learning information that is seldom used! Vocabulary Builder not only allows the extraction of vocabulary words from texts, but also utilizes powerful regular expressions. Regular Expressions allow the advanced user to create lists of all types. Parsing is limited only by the ability and imagination of the user. But don't let that scare you. Vocabulary builder is so simple that even a grandpa can use it! Try Vocabulary builder today!
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